Posted by: aatosbeck | July 8, 2008

Work out for positive energy!

Work out for positive energy!

Work out for positive energy!

I started to gain to much weight and was unhappy about this, that’s when I started
my own program off trying to loose some weight… this is what I did to loose 5 kg
in a month and keep it stable.

Step 1: Stop junkfood, drink a lot of water (3ltr a day) mixed with apple vinegar,
15 min work-out a day, use selenium suplement, eat pizza for a week 🙂
(look for the recepy on the site).

Step 2: For the second week use the second recepy “chili con carne” but do the same.
Instead of taking the car, use your bike.

Step 3: Try to enjoy your weekends for partying and drinking. Enjoy! that’s important
too. (and that means junk food too) 🙂 try to keep it on 2 days instead of three.

Tip: Try to eat bread to a minimum… make your own then you will need less!

Good luck too!


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