Posted by: aatosbeck | July 12, 2008

Finding your energy!

Finding your energy can happen in several different ways as I did notice today.
I had ordered a sauna (from tellsell you know the instant sauna), and today had
all the time in the world to enjoy from it.

I putt some insence and some meditational music on, and closed my eyes.
Something so small in life can make a difference, for I found my inner energy
backAlso the fact that I noticed after 1.5 hours in the sauna (mild temperature)
my weightwas 600 grams less and 2% less body fat.

And that’s a big boost after lost more than 6 kg now, for last week it was 5.
And for that… the positive thinking was again a factor for this extra energy that
I stillcan feel upto this moment.

Aatos Beck © 2008

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