Posted by: aatosbeck | July 25, 2008

Finding balance!

The most important thing is to find your balance in the things you do.
While struggleing with losing-weight or daily life it is the “balance” in
all the things you do that makes the difference.

I started to take up a few things that I used to do “Tae Kwon do, acrobatics etc”.
Just try to find what moved you before and you’ll enjoy it again too.

It’s all in between your ears that makes the difference, but you already knew that.
Now that the summer also has started to show it’s face, the energy comes with it.
I used to hang on the couch and watch tv, but now I am not even able to do that.
The energy has come back and I did find an outled “Tae Kwon do, Nun chacku
training, acrobatics (walking on your hands), naval stommick training,
cycling and Body Building”.

In good balance with what you eat ( Recipes you’ll find on the Recipes Link that I
have used to get this far) there’s nothing to stop you for feeling refreshed.
Especially after the work-outs I take a relaxing Steam-bath (Sauna).

The more weight I loose, the more energy I get and start doing more active sports.
No need to breath hardly anymore while putting on my boots.

So are you ready to finding your balance too?

Good luck to you too!

Aatos Beck © 2008

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