Posted by: aatosbeck | September 16, 2008

Aatos Beck – Countryroad Granny (Video)

Aatos Beck – Countryroad Granny © 1995.

Why I build this video this way is because the song is about time passing by.
And as you get older, you’ll start to remember or thinking about the past.
For to many older people are feeling lonely and even half a century feels like a year.
May be it would be pleasent for them to visit grand parents just a little bit more often.
Or if you know someone that is all alone, surprise them with a chat or with helping.
Why I made the reed grow and get smaller and visa versa, is as the symbol of Time…

Passing by.

Find more on the Music & You Tube! Page.

Aatos Beck © 16-09-2008.

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