Posted by: aatosbeck | November 5, 2008

Goth wars!

As the darkness had fallen to us few and the shadows dissapeared out of sight.
And the hunger strikes, to see just beyond the point of no return… that’s called the night.
The moon had just dissapeared out of sight & the fog started to arise.

The hour of the past, future, present & the future came upon us.
The time to scream was nearby, my silent scream into the night.
Pounding it’s hurtfull sounds of pounding hearts beating beat after beat.

Fangs started ton grow when midnight arised &  the silence was gone.
Looked for the difference that time could bring to me, but it just didn’t.
So feel my breath and feel my soul… for that’s what brakes or wins it all.

Cared to long for the ones that was just a waste of time… not what the feelings that were mine.

See into my eyes of securities and spite… look through it all… deep inside.
Care for the things you thought you had seen… care what had been…

For this is your final breath…ssssssssssssssssssssss…it is time to let go…

It was the hunger that only love can bring, the unsaid words that some would sing.
Moon becoming bigger in a minute, bloodstained untill it would fit it.
The space inside, the space that would be seen in a while.
Breaking like your heart… deep inside.

Cold darkness… where have you been? The Moon was colouring the sky, why?
Stars as red as the blood teared up from the inside… as dark as the night.
Sounds as a whisper that goes by, silent as a gentle sigh.
Goth wars had arrived into this world of darkness tonight.

Aatos Beck © 05-11-2008.

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