Posted by: aatosbeck | November 5, 2008


Have you got the feeling that someone may be is harrasing you?
Well I know what you mean… A terrible feeling isn’t it?

Why the Hell don’t they just leave you at peace, for that’s the only thing you want?
May be that’s the biggest problem… letting go.
But when you make that choice it only will get better… because        You’ll free FREE!

So think in first hand what YOU want and NEED, before thinking about the one that
makes your life a living HELL.

The most important person is YOU, please don’t forget 🙂

And what ever you try to do is still not enough, you try to forget and Someone still tries to make your life impossible.
Making new friends is hard, when someone is telling around lies about you.
Then it’s nice to know that some see through the lies and still believe in YOU!
Isn’t it just clear when you make it clear everything is over? No for some it isn’t…
But whatever someone tries to bring you down? As long as you believe in yourself that’s what makes it all worth while for. You know the true answers and nowone else.

So start living and forget the past… it’s not worth the moments to waste & your time.
And the people that don’t see what is true? Too bad… then they’re not worse the effort.
Just believe in yourself and the rest will follow…. and that’s reality!

You know what you are all about and that’s the most important part… isn’t it!

Aatos Beck © 2008

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