Posted by: aatosbeck | November 5, 2008

What is Goth? Believe or Mirage?

I was born in a period that there was Punk & New Wave… and now suddenly that music is also marked as Goth? I don’t think so… who has devided music into new particals? WHO? Because suddenly New wave like the Cure, the Cult or Sisters Of Mercy has been labled into Goth!

And HIM or nightwish, within temptation has been labled to be the same too.
(Even though they came like 10 years after the original sound? So what is Goth?)
A believe in something or just a new way to describe music from an altenative sound.
For exsample Clan of Xymox was already much ahead all throughout the 1986 and suddenly it is not even talked about no more… makes you wonder who really knows what it’s all about.
GOTH = NEW WAVE + METAL + INDUSTRIAL + MID-EVIL +ROCK + GOTHIC etc. COMBINED and by doing so it has become one of the largest music streams, because it ‘s so varied by different genres that some people get clouded what = and what’s not!
And because of that some people see Goth as a bad word. because they don’t know that nowadays are so many different types of Goth music that they start to lable that it’s all bad.
AND IT IS JUST NOT SO and I know that there are enough people that know it too.
Music and clothing are a good way to express your individuality & what you feel inside.
It would be nice if all people would just respect everyones choices and the way you express yourself, because we are all different and so are our tastes in music too.
That’s a good thing… what would the world be like if there would only be one kind of music?

Question yourself that… it would get boring… and that would be the same if all people would have the same cloths… wouldn’t it.


Aatos Beck © 05-11-2008.


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