Posted by: aatosbeck | November 6, 2008

Under the Sunset!

It was a different day in a wide new world, a world of indifference.
A world without anger, wars, hate or pollutioned skies above the starry nights above.
Where love was the only big factor that made it all turn around by… no mysteries.
They would get married in a fortnight, so happy about their choice to finally get together and start to begin their life together far away of their family… just the two of them.

The day begun with the thought of bringing the love of their lifes together under the three mooned sky, where clouds of dust only would have been passing by.
Wanting to putt the hand into hers seemed to be really hard at that moment… a moment that seemed to be going on and on for too long anyhow.
Kind of ashamed because they were brought up that way, made it harder even though their hearts started to tell a different stry an forfilled their beating hearts with rays.

Behind them a sound was appearing with a trust…. falling debree came down and fell hardly to the ground breaking everything apart what got near-by.
They had to search for shelter but they just couldn’t find it and the next moment she was struck by a boulder that had fallen from the sky they just ad been watching at for a while.
Could the handhelding have saved her life? If it would had been taken at the right moment or was this just the reality of something not even time could have changed.

No… it was just the right time at the right moment, nothing else.

But that moment of the second of doubt would stick with him forever….
for left was only a broken mind & the love what never got answered.

And the thought of her warm hand into his…. was forever just a Goodbye!

Aatos Beck © 06-11-2008.


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