Posted by: aatosbeck | November 7, 2008

Wolfs survival!

Wolfs survival


It was on a deserted hill looking down to a small lake with broken trees.
The sunshine had just razed above the horizon waking up the wildlife.
Cool frosted plains as the morning frost had started to melt in the morning sun.

In the distance was a wolf looking over the wide plains, afraid of the coming visitors to the park.
In the mist there were some deer standing while drinking at the brook.

Hungry by the scenery the wolf had set his eyes on the prey.
And it may be would take months before he would get enough to feed on.

He had just got to know he had become a father after all, puppies waited in the cave to be fed.
So he had no other choice to start to gather his prey into an upcoming feast meal.
Against the wind he tried to walk trough the high grass and the low fog to get as close to the deer as he could.

Suddenly there was a bang… the deer got spooked and ran away.

The wolf looked around to see what the problem was and who had spooked the deer away so that he would not get gathered the food for his pups.
That’s when he noticed a drunken human person standing around throwing explosive things to the ground that made the noises. (It was for us humans, time for the New Year)

He had to make a fast choice, starve to death or get a new prey.

The answer was clearer to the wolf than for the human… that suddenly became the prey and not the aggressor.
Silently the wolf crawled almost next to the drunken man, and then not longer than a few seconds later the man was slaughtered by the survival instincts of the wolf.

Slowly the wolf started to pull his prey nearby the cave where his pups were crying from hunger and the pups came jumping with anxiousness outside.
No more worries they had to survive throughout the winter, now they would finally have a chance for survival.

From the drunken person was never reported a missing, and no one even missed him.
So for one that got lost, it was the survival of many more.

(The haunter became the prey, and the prey got the better of it.)

Aatos Beck © 07-11-2008.


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