Posted by: aatosbeck | November 8, 2008

Midnight summer

Midnight summer

A summer breeze and waves across the sandy beach of the lake.
The summer love would arrive to meet up during the countdown.
Running down the hill and finding yourself in the lake the moment after that.
Waiting for the moment that his love would arrive.

As time passed by suddenly he heard the sound of a car getting closer and closer.
She came out of the backseat and the instant in time passed by.
She ran to the beach and took of her clothes, only wearing a small swimming suit.Slowly she walked into the lake as a princess till she stood right in front of him.
They both had the feeling of running away from all the others that were left behind.

Hours passed as they lied on a rock looking over the lake and down to the friends that swam downside.
There was only that moment when a kiss seemed to be so right, warm and completing every cell of the mind.

Counting the seconds that past by even as they held each other tight.

It was a warm evening and the sun would not disappear, because it was midsummer night.
Temperature above 34 Celsius and the rock cooking their flesh upon the rock.

Seemed like that moment went on for an eternity, but it didn’t.
Soon after that there were yells of their friends far below for they would have gone back to their cabin.

They looked into each others eyes and got the same conclusion.
This moment would for always be… and what they! had to offer was much less.

The night appeared as they lied there, looking down on this beautiful lake beneath them.

Embracing in each others arms kissing the night…. Goodbye!
After many hours as they noticed they were the only ones still around, took a small rowing boat that lied on the shore and started a ride (row) across the lake.

Nothing could have been so romantic and everlasting as that moment.
But the next day it was all gone!

The only thing was the memory to cherish … for all times!

Aatos Beck © 07-11-2008.


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