Posted by: aatosbeck | November 8, 2008



Upcoming sun

The seasons are about to have a transformation.
Leaves had been colouring for the past few weeks as days become shorter.
Nights are getting colder and colder as the trees have prepared themselves for the winter to arrive.

Still there is the sun that just wouldn’t give up because the usual autumn storms haven’t been so bad this year.

Bright sunny days and starry nights have given much energy for all people I have noticed.
Even in shops the customers and employees seem to feel happier that usually.
Everyone seems to have more tolerance than if the weather would have been like normally: “Stormy and cloudy”.

So that concludes that people react quite fast to sudden changes in the weather by reacting in the same way… nice sunny weather = smiling, helpful and tolerant… stormy weather = short tempered, in a hurry, anti social.

Well I am glad when the sun shines, because that brings the best up in people.
Charging like a battery with every minute of sunlight, de-charging and getting worn out when it doesn’t.

It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to install lights of sunshine installed in your house or on you bicycle wouldn’t it.
Switch the light and positive thinking would start straight away, and a smile would appear on every ones face.

Even if it would be freezing and the sun shines, doesn’t seem to change the way that people react.
Would it be dark, moist and freezing it is seen instantly.

Like my saying:
“Even when the air is cold and the sun is shining, it will melt the frozen hearts”. But “When it’s cold and dark, it freezes the hearts all over”.

So whenever you see the sun, try to charge yourself even for a moment it can make your days much more worth while living for.

Aatos Beck © 08-11-2008.


  1. The weather seems to have a great effect on others moods. Think when you take a vacation to a warmer climate. For example, Las Vegas. The weather is dry and sunny. Even when you stop to get gas off the tourist area, the employees are so friendly and happy. Imagine if everyone lived as if the sun was out year round.

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