Posted by: aatosbeck | November 10, 2008

Flight of a Fairy

Flight of a Fairy

Flight of a Fairy

It was a dark night as I had to walk through the forests that were surrounded with swamps.
Heart beat strongly in the throat, so that you could hear every beat between your ears.
It was really hard to see the road ahead and that’s why it was even more dangerous.
People that had lived for many years did not even dared to walk through it, but I had to.

Strange voices of branches getting broken or the sound that it seemed someone walked along every step I took and whenever I stopped the sounds did too.I am not easily scared but this was different because of the wild animals and the dangerous swamps, so that gave it a complete different experience.
As I walked deeper and deeper into the forest it also became darker and darker so it was harder to follow the path and now the walk slowed down to maybe a few feet per minute.

Suddenly there came something out of the bushes what scared me half to death, a badger that walked towards me hadn’t noticed me until it stood almost right in front of me.
I saw the badgers white teeth as clear as you could, because a light beam from the moon reflected to them.
Both frightened of each other we walked around each other and tried to continue our journey still ahead.

An hour past and I wasn’t even halfway to my destination a fog started to arise from the swamps and a complete silence.
It seemed all voices had suddenly disappeared completely and the heart beating became harder and harder while cold breezes started to pass by.
Standing like frozen for a while I started hearing like whispering kinds of voices.
Coming closer and closer that it made my hair in the back of my neck arose, a real cold wave crawled upwards from toes to the neck.

It all got scarier as the voices sounded like whispering children, but there was no logic for that because there wasn’t a house nearby and it was much to late for children to be playing in those swamps.
Not long after that I started walking faster and faster the path to get as fast as I could out of those forests.
It seemed almost that the time had frozen and each step seemed to be at the same place.

The next moment went black… and as I came back to my senses I noticed that the path wasn’t where I was lying upon.
Fly fungi surrounded me and I lied in the middle of a circle, and small lights appeared not far away from where I had found myself.
I knew that they could be like jack-o’-lights that lure people into the swamps, because it was known these forests had something magical at late hours.

But even that suddenly didn’t control my actions… and slowly I started to walk slowly towards them.
Feeling every step I took while tapping ahead with a branch I picked up out of that circle to know when the solid ground would change into the moist ground before it changes into swamp.

But the lights were not trying to lure me into the swamp, but away from it because after a few minutes they had shown me the way back to the path.
It was strange but I wasn’t afraid of the lights no more, it had changed into gratitude and in my mind I thanked them for getting me safely out of the circle and back to the path.

Now I even started to follow the lights because they were flying into the direction that I was heading for.
But somehow the experience had tired me out and got sleepy while my feet became as heavy as a stone, every step seemed harder for me to continue.

Then the lights went from the path into another path that led me to an open forest space where the moon lightened it up so I could see clearly it was a resting place that was used normally by deer.

But the lights gathered around and formed a circle of light.
I walked to the middle of that circle and the lights started flying passed me faster and faster.
It was almost hypnotic as suddenly I fell asleep on the ground that was still warm form the warmth of the deer that probably rested there just before I arrived.

The next morning I woke up and as my eyes opened, I stared into the eyes of a deer that was curious enough to get close to me.
The deer walked a couple of steps behind and there were many more deer standing in the same formation as the lights had done when I arrived that spot.

As I blinked my eyes they had disappeared, and as I looked around I recognised the surrounding.

Standing up I knew I was close to home, slept so good that night that the energy flew through me as I started to walk back from that resting place back to the path.
Now it was easy to keep on walking and in an half an hour I got back home.

Often I wondered and looked to the forests where I had encountered such a beautiful moment.
Not many have had that fortune… for some times what people are scared off is the opposite in reality.

Or could it be different for every person?

Surrendering to the unknown could then be the explanations why some are lured into and some are lured out of the swamps.
These are still the mysteries of life where there are no answers too, and just thankfully remember the experiences you encounter that follows the path of life.

Aatos Beck © 08-11-2008.


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