Posted by: aatosbeck | November 12, 2008

Nanowrimo08? Thanx

Is it right for people to take part of the Nanowrimo08?
Because I thought it was the purpose to get young writers to start writing and compate with an other without the competition of people that already have finished a book or are known writers?

At a point ofcouse you get encouraged by the fact that everytime you think you did good? Some veterans come and takes away your believes.
Nice touch… we all feel so much better… thanx!

I hope I am not the onlyone that thinks this way, but writers that have produced more than one play or book shouldn’t be a part of this writing competition.
They should take part of something in an other league.

Leave a competition like Nanowrimo08 for the starting writers… with respect!

But these are my personal thoughts about this…

Much luck compeating with the professionals!

Greetings Aatos Beck © 12-11-2008.

p.s. Thanks for the peptalk, that was what I needed.
It sometimes feels like not getting anywhere and then it should be seen the way you described it… as a playground. And writing should be fun & surely not a must.

Let the writing begin…


  1. Lighten up. Don’t worry so much about competition. Who can write under stress like that? The page is a playground. Invent a game.

  2. The point is even “seasoned” writers struggle with creation, self-doubt, page counts, the muse drying up. NaNoWriMo is for EVERYBODY who writes or would be a writer, whether you never intend to write another thing or whether you’ve written twenty books.

    The act of puking words onto the page proves that writers beginner and not are ultimately the same: struggling and looking for a creative rush. 🙂

    P.S. it’s not a competition, it’s a group exercise.

  3. ……. Everyone struggles to write….. and it’s not like the published authors are going around boasting like their novel is the best.

    If you write with better or worse authors in mind, generally, it won’t turn out well. Nanowrite helps build the intrinsic drive to write… because you love story and writing. It helps you do what you hate and love.

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