Posted by: aatosbeck | November 12, 2008

What’s about messengers!

May be you have searched for old friends throughout the years.
Or may be just make contact with new people.
But haven’t you ever wondered why they looked for you at that stage of time?
Finally you have had contact with those that you had lost for many years.
It all seems that the time you spend waiting for the other party to reply?
You’ll see it as wasted time, and may be could have used it better.
You may be have made new friends, but the ones you made… would they?

1. Will never answer you back.
2. Are friends that have lost you in time & found you back.
3. Just acted like interrested, but really don’t know what to do now that they have found you.

HELLO! Some of us that had searched to contact you for years (visa-versa),
would want to be answered once in a while especially if they see that you are
online & say you are available.
So if you have no intension talking to anyone or you haven’t got the time.
Just say you are Busy instead of Online, that gives you understanding.

An answer is always better as no answer at all.

Aatos Beck © 12-11-2008.


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