Posted by: aatosbeck | November 14, 2008

Miami Ink!


Miami Ink! A personal state of Mind…
If you have watched the series os Miami Ink! on Discovery Channel.
It’s all about that, emotions, personal reasons, love or even hate to
express yourself as a natural sculpture for the rest of your life.
I know what it means to express with designs, but what I really
like of this program is that they respect the person that it comes upon.
If something doesn’t work out fine, they’ll say it and decline.
All my tattoo’s were my own designs an have a special meaning.
And the once designed by the artist, close to my heart…. MINE!

Don’t be afraid of taking tattoo’s, but make sure that the one setts them
has the same passion for them as the guys and girl of Miami Ink!

So if I would want to take an other Tattoo?
It would only be by you guys…

So keep up the good work and make us tattoo wearing people proud,
and you let the none wearing people know it’s all about the art.

Aatos Beck © 14-11-2008.


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  3. For more on you favorite tattoo artists, check out my Miami Ink blog:

  4. I love your site!

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  5. me llamo patricia soy de colombia y me gusta de masiado el programa de ustedes me fasinan de masiado los tatuajes y quisiera poder viajar a miami para que cada uno de ustedes me tatuen y hasi poderme llebar un recuerdo de ustedes

  6. discovery channel miami wery good I lck

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