Posted by: aatosbeck | November 23, 2008

Upcoming Stormfront?


What happens when suddenly all the television channels dissapear?
That happens right now down here in the Netherlands.
First went the cable networks and now all other channels too.

It is strange that the winter has come this early this year, just as it used
to do in the beginning of the eighties.
Global warming? Global ice age it seems to have become… earlier winters
and later summers…. so what is it?

Is it an interfearance of satelite signals due to the snow storms out here?
But still telephone and internet systems seem to work just fine.
Or is it due to an upcoming stormfront that isn’t visible yet?

I am used to snow and the cold so for me this is like a holiday 🙂
Just have some more sauna sessions to keep away the cold.
Light up some candles & try to make the best of it… right?

But for most it comes like a surprise that winter has come…
Almost 2 – 3 months earlier, than usually… because normally it would
have started in the ending of Decembre instead of now.

Makes you wonder… doesn’t it?

Aatos Beck © 23-11-2008.


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