Posted by: aatosbeck | October 20, 2009

Waiting in the Dark!

1.Waiting in the Dark by Aatos Beck © 20-10-2009

2.Waiting in the Dark 2 by Aatos Beck © 20-10-2009

3.Waiting in the Dark 3 by Aatos Beck © 20-10-2009

There are many questions in life that you want to be heard.

1. If you are left in the dark while needing the sun so badly to grow.
2. Feels like life starts to seem like a bubble that could burst at any second.
3. The coffee that you consume starts to show hearts just to keep yourself awake.


Or coming back to an older story “Alone in the Dark”

4. When you feel you are left Alone in the Dark, Alone to solve the problems.
(Soon I will make a Video-clip for whome concerned to watch)

Aatos Beck © 20-10-2009 & Alone in the Dark by Aatos Beck © 27-11-2008

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