Posted by: aatosbeck | March 22, 2010

The Fruits of Love!

The Fruits of Love

As I walked down the Riverpath I wondered about the silence.
Nor would even a breeze have given a sign of hope.
Love was just like the difference of land and water.
Without they could not exist or be a part of one whole being.

The warmth of the land against the cold of the water.
Seemed symbolic for the warmth here and the cold out there.
Days wonder for some closure of sertant pictures in the mind.
Careing would take away the anger, as a smile takes denile.

Only in a world of straight ballance it all comes together.
Rain fills up the lake of tears, but now for happyness.
The land takas away the doubt of worries.
The tree is now ready to grow the fruits of love.

Aatos Beck © 22-3-2010.

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