Posted by: aatosbeck | July 10, 2010

Bumblebee’s return back Home!

It sometimes feel like all things have a purpose in life as does for the journey of a bumblebee… continiously flying around to provide for it’s loved ones that wait at home in love, suspence, agony, fear & wishfull thinking.

Life can be short for those that wait too long to make decisions for the good off a relationship… for better & worse!

Flying through the meddows in search for some nectar he will overome many enemmies… the cold (hard reality), the warmth (unconditional love ), careing (feeling wanted, needed & loved for who you are), Time (no more- it’s now), the main thing-/ life is short!  love should be embraced when it’s there, because who knows if tomorrow comes?

The life’s path of a bumblebee should be not taken lightly, it may content morality what human still can learn from… think about that

Greetings from A. (bumble)Beck 

Aatos Beck © 09-07-2010

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