Posted by: aatosbeck | August 5, 2010

Spread your wings and fly home 1&2!

As I often sit in the livingroom with the window still open to hear the nightsounds outside, they make oppertunaties to photograph different kinds of things & then it’s better to catch a moment than nothing at all.

For the goose flying by in formation… was only the closing sounds… taking the camera… zooming in… and shooting the complete formation… I am sorry I had not the time to focus, but this was the moment… nothing more and nothing less… otherwise the formation would have been completely different & would have lost the moment of action.

For the airplane the same except that the lighting was poor & had also not many seconds to zoom, focus & shoot the picture.

Better to take to many pictures than less.
Then start screening what you took.
Even blurry pictures can make the moment.
Remember it’s always in the eyes of the beholder.
Once in a while show others your picture for response.
And finally… enjoy the moments and look for the small details
Also the title is of importance to the feeling you get 🙂

Greetings: Aatos

Aatos Beck atb © 5-8-2010


  1. like a plane

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