Posted by: aatosbeck | February 18, 2012

Wishing for the Best! (new story)

Wishing for the Best

The moon was appearing behind the clouds as the night fell into a freezing state of mind.  The temperature was on its lowest this season of winter. Darkness and a feeling of loneliness was surrounding beyond the coat that I wore. It was so difficult to see what was there before. Awake all night, because there was no reason to go to sleep. Something happened outside that made a huge difference… a sound that I had not heard before. A kind of howling and growling beyond the outer-fence of my backyard.

My cats all got terrified and ran inside through the opening in the door. Into corners and upstairs just too hide away. There was something out there that didn’t belong. What was this strange being surrounding my home? As I went back outside into my backyard I heard the ice crackle in the pond as if there was something walking over the iced water. Shouting out:”Hey is there anybody out there?” There came no answer… there came no sound!
that’s when I noticed some blood lying on the porch in the covered snow.

Suddenly I saw green eyes appear out of the dark. Coming closer and closer towards me as I tried to get my flashlight to work. Then there was silence for a while and the green shiny eyes had disappeared. Suddenly a sound gave me shivers down my spine, because it was just behind of me. Turned around… oh my god it was the cat that once was gone and now was found.

Aatos Beck © 18-02-2012

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