Granted permission by Marketing Manager Benelux E. Lejeune from Discovery Networks Benelux to publish these logo’s made by Aatos Beck © 04-03-2008 on this site



And this second one was approved :) and soon be on every car of the company, clothing etc.

Aatos Beck © 8 & 9-02-2010

For Real-estate sites

IMMO wallpaper

IMMO wallpaper

Expirimental logo

Expirimental logo

New Designed Web-site

New Designed Web-site

New Designed Web-site
Auction sites
Marianne Kokkelmans:
Example (with other colored background)

Example (with other colored background)

Henri Beck:
Henri Beck's new logo

Henri Beck


Raili Kokkola:
Raili Kokkola's Newest Banner (logo)

Raili Kokkola




Unelma Beck:


Digital Card / Wallpaper

Digital Card / Wallpaper

My Own site:

New Banner & Wallpaper 05-09-2011!

New Banner 03-08-2011

New Banner & Wallpaper (Nov 2010)

Aatos Beck © 4-11-2010

New Banner & Wallpaper! (May 2010)

Aatos Beck © 17-5-2010.

Aatos NEW logo by Aatos Beck © 29-10-2009
Aatos NEW logo by Aatos Beck © 29-10-2009 WALLPAPER

Aatos Beck Logo 2  by Aatos Beck © 15-7-2009



Digital Card / Wallpaper

Digital Card / Wallpaper

One of my logo's

One of my logo's

My avatar

My avatar

Banner 1

Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 2

Scary Wallpaper

Scary Wallpaper



ABMP logo

ABMP logo

1st Demo Cover

1st Demo Cover



Aatos Beck’s Designs 1 Graphical Design
Aatos Beck’s Designs 2 Photographs, Travel pictures etc.
music and graphical art
aatosbeck Also Cd1 Available

aatosbeckmusic Also Cd2 Available
Says Enough
ABMP A shop with musical attidude
Just_Friends Debut Cd of my former Band (Irish folk)
aatosbeckdesign Designs, t-shirts etc.
Creative thoughts, can never be enough”


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  2. […] Logo and Banner […]

  3. […] Logo and Banner […]

  4. […] Logo’s & Banner’s […]

  5. […] Logo’s & Banner’s […]

  6. […] Logo’s & Banner’s […]

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  12. […] Logo’s & Banner’s […]

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