Aatos Beck is a Dutch versatile musician

My name is Aatos and I was born on the 12th February 1973 in De Bilt, Holland. I studied dance and music at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague with my twin-sister. After that I started to write songs at the age of 15 and until now I have written and composed a collection of about 400 self-made songs / lyrics. Varying from Irish-folk, rock, country, techno, Reiki / Relaxation music, classical and other styles. All songs are written from the heart & the moment that is present at that time.

*One of the two founders of the band “Just Friends”. All songs were written and composed by Aatos Beck. Over a period off five years we had worked together and performed in many pubs & festivals in several countries across Europe.

First as a duo and now as a troubadour, with yet more influences in music styles. but still faithfull to the own individual sound as it was meant to be. Styles are now much more variable from Irish folk, Bluesy, Ballads, Country and more getting into the Rock.


  1. I love your site Aatos!
    Keep up the good work!!!

    Love and Light,

  2. Todella aivan huippua!
    jatka edelleenkin.Olen
    hyvin ylpeä sinusta!

  3. Hallo Aatos,
    Mooie site en je chili recept zal ik zeker een keer maken!!
    groeten Beatrix

  4. I’m looking forward to play some music one day my old friend 😉

  5. I love your site!

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  6. hey Aatos wat leuk om te zien dat je inderdaat bent verder gegaan in de muziek je zal wel denken wie is dit ik heb ooit bij jullie thuis gelogeerd toen waren we 12 of 13 ?
    hut bouwen achter in de tuin bij de geiten piano spelen in de hal drumstel van je broer uitproberen haha wat een lol vond het geweldig bij jullie thuis wou eigelijk nooit meer weg daar
    en niet alleen omdat ik stapel gek op je zus was 🙂
    mooie site man
    groetjes vince (charrel)

  7. I agree, ty for posting this..

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  15. […] (Image is Journey Through the Eye by Aatos Beck) […]


  17. Aatos the best

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